About Us

Pierson Whalers Beasts from the East is Pierson’s Robotics Team that in March will compete in the First Robotics competition. We compete with many other larger schools from Long Island and other schools from around the world.

The competition is at the end of March up at Hofstra university. The competition is great and we encourage others to go up and at least watch one day of the matches, especially if you know little about robotics and think you may be interested.

Our Team number 28 represents that we have been around for a long time (Est. 1995). However, we did not have all of the necessary resources needed to be competitive. We had our work cut out for us. Using ingenuity Pierson Whalers Beasts from the East, in a short time, has turned heads and gained some respect from other teams involved in the FIRST Robotics Competition.


Our accomplishments

  • 2002 Regional Winner
  • 2001, 2002, 2004 Regional Finalist
  • 1998, 2000 Judges Award
  • Made the playoffs since 1995


What type of things can you be a part of?

  • The Mechanic’s responsibilities:
    • Sorting parts and basic building of the robot and field.
  • The Driver’s responsibilities:
    • Practice driving under different conditions
    • Stick with game plan
    • Use control box
    • Communicate with Programming team
    • Back-Up team
  • The Wiring/Electronics Team’s responsibilities:
    • Read and be familiar with wiring manual
    • Learn gauges and organize wires
    • Cut and solder
    • Charge batteries
    • Mount electronics